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Prayers in Sickness

Prayers in Sickness. 62. Lord, help me! Amen. 63. Jesus, Redeemer, have mercy upon me! Amen. 64. Tender Jesus, meek and mild, Look on me, a little child; Help me, if it is Thy will, To recover from all ill. Amen. 65. I am weak, but Thou art mighty. Help me, O my God! Amen. 66. Dear Father, help me...Read More
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Morning Prayers.

Morning Prayers. 1. Now I awake and see the light; Lord, Thou hast kept me through the night. To Thee, I lift my voice and pray That Thou wilt keeps me through the day. If I should die before 'is has done, O God, accept me through Thy Son! Amen. 2. The morning bright With rosy light Has waked me...Read More