man standing on top of rock mountain during golden hour

Prayer for Sunday Evening.

Eternal God, Merciful Father, I lift up my hands unto Thee as an evening
sacrifice, and render Thee most hearty thanks, praise, and glory, that
Thou hast protected me this day and all the days of my life from all evil
and calamity, and through the ministrations of Thy holy angels hast
graciously guarded me against the Evil One. I pray Thee to forgive me all
my sins, wherever I have done wrong. Surround me this night with Thy holy
angels. May thou compass me round and cast a trench about me, that I may
escape the snares and evil cunning of the enemy. I commend myself to Thy
goodness and mercy. Protect me with Thine outstretched arm; for from my
heart do I pant after Thee in the nightwatches, and with my spirit within
me do I watch for Thee at all times. I wait upon Thy goodness, and my
soul trusts in Thee, the living God, for Thou art my refuge and my
Savior. Behold, O Lord, whether we sleep or wake, we are Thine: whether
we live or die, Thou art our God who hast called us into being.
Therefore, I cry unto Thee: let Thy grace be not far from me. Shelter me
with Thy shield. Keep me, that I lie in quiet, sleep in peace, and awake
again in health. Hide me in Thy pavilion in the time of trouble, in the
secret of Thy tabernacle hide me, set me upon the rock, and I will fear
no evil. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I
will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they
comfort me. Grant me grace, that though my body sleep, my soul may ever
wake for Thee, that I may ever have Thee in my heart and before my mind,
and be not overcome by the night of sin. Keep me from all wicked and evil
dreams, from restless wakings and useless anxieties, from depraved and
hurtful thoughts, from all grief. My Lord and God, into Thy gracious care
do I commend my body and soul, my brothers and sisters, and all my kin
and loved ones. May it please Thee, O Lord, to save us, and turn not Thy
mercy from us. May Thy grace and fidelity protect us alway. Cover us this
night with Thy goodness, and encompass us with Thy mercy, that we be
safe-guarded in body and soul. Amen.

Christe, du bist der helle Tag.

O Christ, who art the sun-lit day,
Before Thee night must flee away,
Thou dost reflect the Father’s light
And teachest us His will aright.

Dear Lord, as night is drawing near,
Fill Thou our hearts with light and cheer,
Let us securely rest in Thee
And from the foe’s attacks stay free.

And while our eyes in slumber close,
Grant that our hearts may find repose;
But let them be to Thee awake
And of Thy saving grace partake.

Protect us from the wily foe
Who seeks to harm our souls, we know.
Be Thou our shield, our staff, and stay,
Lord Jesus Christ, for this we pray.

For Thou hast made us, Lord, Thine own,
We as Thy heritage are known.
Thy blood was shed, that we might be
The Father’s precious gift to Thee.

So let Thy holy angel stay
Around us both by night and day.
Place Thou a watch beside our bed,
And guardian angels overhead.

Thus in Thy name we fall asleep,
While angels o’er us watch must keep.
To Thee, O Holy One in Three,
Be praise to all eternity.

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