8. Prayer on Maundy-Thursday.

Most beloved Jesus! I thank Thee with all my heart, in the council of the pious and congregation of the Lord, that Thou, before Thy entrance into death, hast been so mindful of us, Thy christian people, and didst prepare such a glorious feast for our souls. I praise Thee, O most merciful Saviour! with all my powers and abilities, that Thou didst not only present Thyself as an offering, that Thou wast sacrificed upon the cross for my sins and those of the [138]whole world, but also doest feed us poor creatures in Thy Holy Supper with Thy body and blood, through which Thou doest appropriate unto us all Thy purchased gifts of grace and benefits. Lord! the bread we break is indeed the communion of Thy body that died for us upon the cross, and the cup we drink at the holy altar, is the communion of the most precious blood, which Thou in all Thy painful sufferings hast shed for us. In what respects indeed are we worthy that Thou doest manifest such grace unto us? Who are we that Thou doest draw so nigh unto us and unite with us in such a manner as to be and dwell within us, and also we, as members of Thy body, shall remain with Thee forever! How can we compensate Thee that Thou doest so heartily receive our souls unto Thyself and freest them from all transgression and threatening condemnation; on the other hand doest bestow upon them Thy perfect obedience, merit and righteousness, yea, doest give Thy own Self as a pledge for their salvation! Most beloved Jesus! as Thou hast instituted by Thy Holy Supper a memorial of Thy wonderful [139]gifts of grace, so it shall be a lasting memorial in my heart of Thy love and mercy. As oft as I shall eat of this bread and drink of this cup, will I proclaim Thy death and with a thankful heart praise what Thou hast done for us. O help! my Saviour and Redeemer, that I may be confirmed more and more in my faith by this blessed food and glorious cup, that I be forever united with Thee and strengthened to lead a holy life upon earth and be positively assured of the eternal life of joy in heaven, for the sake of Thy holy merit. Amen.

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