7. Prayer on the Day of the Annunciation.

Awake, my soul, and rejoice in the Lord, thy Saviour, thank the Most High, who so faithfully fulfilled his prophecy and sent his Son into the world. Rejoice and be glad that God himself out of love to thee became man and related to thee through [136]blood. Who can sufficiently praise His mercy and loving-kindness? O Lord! what is man that Thou art mindful of him; and the son of man that Thou doest thus receive him unto Thyself? O dear Jesus! I thank Thee with all my heart, that Thou in the blessed womb of Thy mother Mary didst so intimately unite Thyself with our human nature, and in the assumed humanity didst reconcile me with Thy heavenly Father. Thou, my Saviour! didst humble Thyself so deeply in order that I should be exalted; Thou didst become the son of man in order that I might become a child of God, Thy brother (sister) and a beloved spouse. Thou didst descend from Thy throne unto us, that Thou mightest render it possible for me to partake of Thy great glory in heaven. How couldst Thou indeed have shown greater love to me? Therefore, most beloved Saviour! do I rejoice in my heart and know truly that I stand in Thy grace, for Thou canst not despise nor be angry with Thy own flesh and blood. Though I am sinful and unholy, yet do I comfort myself by Thy holiness and innocence. Though I offended [137]God with sins, yet I know that Thou art the Mediator between God and me, and that Thou wilt appease His wrath and deliver me from all evil, which I have to fear on account of my misdeeds. Jesus, my brother, although I have deserved death and hell, Thou canst make me holy and receive me unto eternal life. Where my flesh and blood reigns, there I hope also to be and remain eternally. To this help me, most beloved Saviour! for the sake of Thy blessed incarnation. Amen.

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