6. Prayer on the Day of Purification.

Lord Jesus! Thou highly exalted and beloved Son of God! I thank Thee with all my heart, that for my good Thou didst not only become true man, but also for my sake didst become subject to the [134]law, and at Thy presentation didst participate in the offering of purification, in order that Thou mightest redeem me from the curse of the law, and cleanse my soul from its abominable impurities. I acknowledge myself therefore under obligations also to present myself unto Thee, and offer myself a living and acceptable sacrifice to God. But whilst I cannot do so of my own self, I ask Thee, beloved Saviour, to sanctify me by Thy innocent blood and holy Spirit, in order that I may henceforth earnestly guard myself against all sins, keep my body and soul unpolluted and serve Thee during my life in holiness and righteousness. Most beloved Saviour! Grant, that, following the example of the devout Simeon, I may amidst all distress and misery of this life, in all fear and anguish of conscience, with the arms of true faith, embrace and press Thee to my heart, yea, enclose Thee in my heart and never permit Thee to depart therefrom. May my eyes ever be directed toward Thee, O desirable Light of the world! and behold in Thee their only delight. Infuse into my heart a knowledge of Thy holy will and a [135]heartfelt confidence in Thy precious merit, and grant, that I may manifest the same through good works before men. Banish from my heart, O Thou Brightness of glory! all innate darkness and evil propensities, and may I with Simeon believe aright, live holy and die happy. When the end of my life draws nigh, then, O beloved Redeemer, bear me up in Thy strong arm and merciful hands, that satan may nevermore separate me from Thee. Grant unto me with Simeon a joyous departure from this world and bestow unto me, Thy servant, such grace that I may depart in peace, and with all the elect behold Thee, face to face, in eternal bliss. Amen, dear Jesus! Amen.

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