17. Prayer on the Festival of the Reformation.

Lord Jesus Christ, who didst come into the world to call sinners to repentance and to enlighten all men unto life eternal, we praise Thee with our whole heart, and extol Thy great goodness and mercy, that Thou didst not only enter into this place and into this church and congregation with Thy divine Word and holy Sacraments, and didst purge out the leaven of papistic doctrine and idolatry, but that Thou hast also redeemed us poor sinners from the kingdom of darkness, hast called us into the light of Thy holy Gospel, and hast transplanted us into Thy kingdom of grace.

O Lord Jesus, we are not worthy of all Thy goodness and faithfulness, yet we pray Thee with humble hearts, that Thou wouldst continue among us Thy grace, with Thy divine Word and holy Sacraments, that Thy holy name may be known by us, that it alone may be feared and honored by us, and we all may live, and serve Thee, according to Thy divine pleasure. And what we have [156]done amiss against Thee and Thy holy Word, by not having been obedient to the Gospel, do Thou, Lord Jesus Christ, graciously pardon, and do not on account of our sin take from us this saving treasure, but preserve it unadulterated unto us and unto our posterity. Yea, Lord Jesus, preserve unto us Thy Word, for it is the joy and comfort of our hearts.

Guard and defend us and Thy whole Christian, especially Thy Evangelical Lutheran, Church against all error, unbelief, and the pernicious doctrine of others. Restrain all enemies, persecutors and blasphemers, and be Thou our refuge, our strength, our shield and buckler, that the gates of hell may not prevail against us. Especially do we beseech Thee, O Lord our Saviour, that Thou wouldst enter into the house of our heart, that Thou wouldst enlighten us by Thy Holy Spirit, purify our hearts and graciously grant, that we may walk worthy of the Gospel, and remain steadfast in the truth once known and confessed, unto our end. O Lord Jesus, let our souls obtain Thy salvation, that we may [157]be saved through Thee and in Thy kingdom behold Thee and Thy great glory forever and ever. Amen, Lord Jesus, Amen.

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