14. Prayer on the Day of John the Baptist.

Merciful God and Father in heaven, to Thee I give the humblest thanks with heart and lips, that Thou didst so mercifully visit us poor human beings through the giving of Thy dearest Son, and didst raise up our Lord Jesus as a horn of salvation in Thy church, in order that we should lay hold of the same in true faith, [150]receive comfort, joy and salvation from the same, and sustain ourselves by it in danger and in death. Equal thanks do I owe Thee, Lord Jesus, Thou day-spring from on high, that Thou didst so gloriously enlighten, through Thy appearing, us poor, blind people who sat in darkness and in the shadow of death, and didst direct our feet upon the way of divine peace. No less do I thank Thee, O God Holy Ghost, that Thou didst raise up John as a prophet of the Highest, and didst give through him the knowledge of salvation which consists in the forgiveness of sins. O holy Trinity, give me Thy grace, that I may worthily acknowledge such great benefits, and be thankful to Thee always for the same, not only in words, but also in a Christian life, and serve Thee all the days of my life in holiness and righteousness, which are pleasing to Thee, until in the land of eternity I shall behold Thee face to face, and sing, with the assembly of the chosen, the never-ending hymns of praise and thanks. Amen.

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