13. Prayer on the Festival of the Holy Trinity.

O Thou incomprehensible, eternal God, Thou King of kings, and Lord of lords, Thou, who only hast immortality and dwellest in the light which no man can approach unto, we thank Thee in humility of heart, that Thou didst come forth out of Thy light and reveal Thyself as one God in three persons. But because this exalted mystery of the holy Trinity transcends all our conception and understanding, do Thou Thyself bring our reason, which thinks itself to be wise, into captivity to Thy obedience, and do not permit its foolishness to set itself against Thy wisdom. But do Thou impress upon our hearts the living and believing knowledge, that Thou art Three and One, in order that we may steadfastly preserve this truth as a precious treasure against all error, and with the deepest humility may worship Thee, O Triune God, with equal honor, according to Thy revelation.

Give us, O holy Father, a knowledge of [148]Thee, that Thou comest from no one, but didst beget Thy Son from eternity and together with Him lettest the Holy Spirit proceed from Thee; but also how Thou didst give Thyself to us as our Father, in order that we might, in childlike obedience and confidence, consecrate unto Thee every thing in us that is Thy work. Eternal Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ, reveal Thyself unto us also; how Thou wast begotten from eternity by Thy heavenly Father as the brightness of His glory and as the image of His essence, Light of Light, very God of very God; how Thou out of love to us didst become our brother and didst redeem us with Thy obedience, suffering and death, that we might in Thee learn to know the Father aright, and through Thee come to Him, and also enjoy the fruits of Thy salvation, here in righteousness and holiness, hereafter in the communion of Thy glory. Lord God Holy Ghost, put Thy light into our souls, in order that we may know how Thou proceedest as the essential Breath from the Father and the Son from eternity, as the true God and as a true person, also how Thou laborest [149]faithfully at the work of our sanctification. O continue the same in power, to enlighten, purify, comfort and keep us, and to urge us to do all that is good, in order that we may through Thy operation at last appear altogether holy and pure before the throne of Thy glory.

To Thee, O Thou holy Trinity, be ascribed, by us and all creatures, praise, honor, glory and thanks to all eternity, for Thy eternal majesty and glory which Thou hast revealed unto us in Thy Word, and for all the grace and benefits with which Thou hast blessed us. Amen.

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