12. Prayer on Whitsunday.

O God, who didst visit and endow the hearts of Thy saints so graciously and richly with Thy Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, O pour out this Thy Spirit and [145]merciful shower also upon our barren and drooping hearts, refresh Thy inheritance and comfort the miserable. Come, O Holy Spirit, and adorn us with Thy manifold gifts, that we may truly perceive and praise the great deeds of God, which were accomplished through Jesus Christ, and that we may speak, glorify and spread Thy Word with new tongues; enkindle us with the fire of Thy wholesome fervor, burn out all internal malice, together with all other fleshly lusts and desires; light the lamp of Thy truth, so that we may serve our God fervently in spirit and in faith, and with true earnestness and zeal.

O Thou God of peace, bind our hearts with the bonds of Thy peace, that we may remain and live with each other in meekness and humility, in peace and unity. O Thou God of patience, give us patience during the time of our life, and firmness unto the end. O Thou Spirit of prayer, awaken our hearts, that we may lift them together with holy hands up to God, and call upon him in every time of need; and as we do not know what we should pray for [146]as we ought, O do Thou, as our faithful Interceder, make intercession for us with groanings which can not be uttered. O Thou gentle wind, cool and refresh our hearts in every fiery trial and anguish, be our protection and shelter in time of need, our help in affliction, our comfort in adversity.

Come, Thou mighty God, and comfort the weak, teach the miserable Thy way, help those also who have fallen, put those aright who err, hold them with Thy right hand. Come, O Thou eternal Light, Salvation and Comfort, be our Light in darkness, be our Salvation in life, be our Comfort in death, and lead us upon the straight path unto life everlasting, in order that we may praise, extol and glorify Thee, O Holy Ghost, together with our heavenly Father and His beloved Son, our only Saviour, with truly new tongues on the true day of Pentecost in heaven for ever and ever. Amen.

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