11. Prayer on Ascension Day.

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou eternal High Priest and King of all thrones, after Thou hadst finished all things upon earth, [143]which had been written concerning Thee, Thou didst enter into the heaven of glory in and according to Thy exalted humanity, and didst sit down at the right hand of God upon the throne of majesty; yet Thou art everywhere and Thy kingdom is over all. We, however, are still pilgrims here below, in the valley of misery, in a world which lies in wickedness, and of which Thou didst say, that Thou hast overcome it. Where now is the way which will lead us safely through to Thee? O Lord, how shall we find the way, unless Thou teachest us through Thy Spirit, and through Him leadest and preservest us upon it?

Lord, the world passeth away, and the lust thereof, and all its best glory is as perishable as the day that was yesterday. Our stay in it, moreover, is of few days that pass away swiftly indeed, more swiftly than water. O, lead us on the way to heaven, into Thy glory, where we can remain with Thee forever. Behold, we die, one after the other, and pass away as a shadow. But we ourselves with difficulty take it to heart: each one travels the road that [144]seems to him to be right. Do Thou therefore make our heart certain, that we may not walk upon any other road than the one that leads us to Thee and to Thy imperishable glory.

Lord, Thou sittest as our Redeemer and Mediator at the right hand of Majesty in heaven, in order to save us eternally and to make us happy in Thy kingdom. Be Thou therefore mindful of us even when we forget ourselves, and save us mightily, and make us happy, not for our sake, but for Thy sake. For the kingdom which we shall inherit, is Thine; Thine is the power to lead us into it; and Thine shall be all the honor and glory forever, when we, as Thy rescued children, shall be happy in Thy kingdom. Amen. Hear us for the sake of Thy eternal love and mercy. Amen.

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