10. Prayer on the Festival of Easter.

We thank Thee, Lord Jesus Christ, Thou blessed Prince of life, that Thou out of divine love, didst give Thyself into death for us, and didst offer Thyself as a propitiation for our sins unto Thy heavenly Father; whereby Thou didst deliver us from the power of death, of the devil and of everlasting damnation, and in proof whereof Thou, as the Prince of life and as the Conqueror of death, didst lift up Thy head on the third day, didst rise again, and didst bring forth righteousness, innocence and eternal life. We beseech Thee, give us grace, and so operate in us through Thy Holy Spirit, that we may heartily rejoice and find comfort in Thy death and resurrection, and thereby quiet our consciences [142]and overcome all fear of death. Do Thou also permit Thy resurrection to be a cause and an incitement to us to do good works and to bring forth fruits of righteousness, so that we, as Thy people, may be willing to worship Thee in the beauty of holiness. Help that we may daily die unto sin, crucify and slay the old Adam with his evil lusts and desires, and, on the other hand, spiritually arise, begin to live in righteousness, to walk in newness of life, to purge out the old leaven, and to become a new unleavened bread. Help also that we may await with comfort and joyful hope the resurrection of our deceased bodies, which shall come forth in virtue of Thy resurrection, on the last day, and that we may enter into Thy presence with body and soul in the kingdom of Thy everlasting heavenly glory and excellence. Amen.

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