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Werde munter, mein Gemuete.

Soul of mine, to God awaking,
And ye senses, ev’ry one,
Come, your quiet haunts forsaking,
Tell what God to me has done.
How He this entire day
Has been with me on my way,
To my many wants attending
And from ills protection lending.

Praise and thanks to Thee I render,
Father Thou of mercies great.
Thou hast been my strong Defender,
And Thy love does not abate.
Thou hast shielded me from woe,
Lent me strength and quenched the foe,
So that I, such help beholding,
Rest secure in Thine enfolding.

If from Thee I have departed,
I return again to Thee,
Knowing Thou art tender-hearted,
Since Thy Son has died for me.
I can not deny the guilt,
But for me His blood was spilt,
And Thy grace, all sin exceeding,
Lends forgiveness at His pleading.

O Thou Light, with brightness filling
Ev’ry true and pious soul,
Into me Thy grace instilling,
Make my troubled spirit whole.
Deign this night to stay with me,
And let me abide in Thee,
That, while darkness may enthrall me,
Yet no evil may befall me.

Grant that I in peace may slumber,
Finding sweet and quiet rest.
Let no cares my soul encumber,
Keep it by Thy presence blest.
Mind and body, child and wife,
All my goods and all my life,
Friends and foes (again befriended)
Be this night to Thee commended.

Let no terrors overtake me,
Shield me well from base attack.
Let no grievous pain awake me,
War and pestilence keep back.
Ward off fire, water, death,
All that threatens life and breath.
Spare me violence, extortion
And, withal, a sinner’s portion.

O immortal God, endue me
With the gifts for which I ask.
Jesus, lest some ill pursue me,
Prosper me in ev’ry task.
Holy Spirit, comfort, friend,
On whose counsel I depend,
Listen to my earnest pleading,
Amen. Thou my prayer art heeding.

Johann Rist, 1642.
H. Brueckner, 1918.

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