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To be spoken mornings or evenings.

Dear God and Lord! I live, yet know not how long. I die, yet know not
when. Thou, O Heavenly Father, knowest. Lo, dear Lord, is this hour, this
day (this night) the last of my life: Thy will be done! Thou alone
knowest best. As Thou wilt I am willing through the true faith in Jesus
Christ, my Redeemer, to live or die. But, O God, do Thou grant me this
petition, that I may not suddenly pass away in my sins, and be lost.
Vouchsafe unto me true knowledge, repentance and sorrow over my passed
transgressions. Set them before my sight in this life, that they may not
at the last day be set before me, and I be put to shame before angels and
men. Grant me sufficient time and opportunity for repentance, so that
from all my heart I may know and acknowledge my transgressions, and from
Thy saving word obtain forgiveness and comfort for the same. O Merciful
Father, forsake me not, and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me. My heart
and my heart’s trust, O Thou Searcher of hearts, is ever known to Thee.
Keep me in such trust to the life eternal. May I die, when Thou wilt,
only grant me a peaceful and blessed End. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou highest good,
I pray Thee, through Thy precious blood,
Grant, that my final end be good. Amen.

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