grayscale photography of praying hands

The God We Love

Now, he who will hold to God, loves all things in the One which is One
and All; and the One in All, because All is in the One; and he who loves
somewhat, this or that, otherwise than in the One, and for the sake of
the One, loves not God; for he loves somewhat which is not God,
therefore he loves it more than God. But he who loves somewhat more than
God, or equally with God, loves not God; for God must be and will be
alone loved, and in truth nothing ought to be loved but God alone. And
when the True Light and the True divine Love dwell in a man, he loves
nothing else but God alone. For he loves God as the Good, and for the
sake of the Good, and all Goods as One, and One as All. For, verily, All
is One and One is All in God. Amen.

“Theologia Germanica

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