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The Daily Prayer of St. Francis

My God, and my all, who art Thou, sweetest Lord, my God? And who am I, a
poor worm, Thy servant? Holiest Lord, I would love Thee! Sweetest Lord,
I would love Thee! Lord, my God, I give to Thee all my heart and body,
and vehemently desire, if I might know how, to do more for Thy love.

“Francis of Assisi


Now to that God, who has suffered so much for us, who at one giving has
conferred on us so many good things, and will yet confer so many more,
to this God let every creature who is in heaven or upon the earth, in
the sea or in the depth of the abyss, render praise, glory, honour and
blessing. He is himself our virtue and our strength. He alone is good,
lofty, almighty, admirable, and glorious; the only holy, worthy of
praise and blessed through ages of ages. Amen.

“Francis of Assisi

For the Knowledge of God’s Will

God, almighty, eternal, righteous, and merciful, give to us poor sinners
to do for Thy sake all that we know of Thy will, and to will always what
pleases Thee, so that inwardly purified, enlightened, and kindled by the
fire of the Holy Spirit, we may follow in the footprints of Thy
well-beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

“Francis of Assisi

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