silhouette photo of man on cliff during sunset

Thanksgiving After Absolution.

O Blessed, Merciful, and Gracious God! I thank and praise Thee from all
my heart, that through Thy servant Thou hast again forgiven me, a poor
sinner, all my sins, again received me in grace, and promised me eternal
life. I earnestly pray Thee, vouchsafe unto me Thy Holy Spirit, and
create in me a pure heart, so that I may joyously trust that all my sins
are forgiven me through Jesus Christ. As an earnest and surety of this
blessed fact, I will now eat and drink the true body and blood of Thy
dear Son Jesus Christ, under the bread and wine, to my soul’s salvation.
Grant me also, O faithful God, that henceforth I may earnestly avoid all
sin and better my life. This Thou wouldest graciously grant me for Thy
name’s sake. Amen.

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