person wearing pink crew-neck shirt with hand clasped together

Thanksgiving After a Completed Journey.

Gracious God and Father! Most heartily do I thank Thee that Thou hast
enabled me to bring my journey to a happy end. Through the ministrations
of Thy dear angels Thou hast again brought me to my home, guarded and
kept me from all evil, preserved me from the murderous and robbing hands
of evildoers, and the teeth of wild beasts, and kept me from all other
dangers of body and soul. In short, that I have been led to and fro in
health and happiness: I owe it altogether to Thy fatherly goodness and
almighty care. And I beseech Thee from all my heart, continue to keep me
and mine under Thy protection, and preserve us, body and soul, to the
eternal life, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

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