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Prayer on the Eve of Battle.

O Lord God of hosts, Thou the Highest of the high and the Holiest of the
holy, who rulest and shapest all things to the glory of Thy name and the
betterment of Thy people: we humbly beseech Thine infinite mercy in this
hour of our peril, judge Thou between us and our enemies. Be Thou our
sure defense. Stir up Thy might and hasten to our help. Lay not our sins
to our charge, but for the sake of Thy dear Son, our only Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ, manifest Thy mercy toward us and blot out our
iniquities, and sanctify and guide us by Thy truth. We Thy poor servants
call upon Thy holy name, and implore Thy grace. Have mercy upon us. Lead
us safely through the blood and carnage. Make it appear that Thou art our
deliverer. Make us strong with the assurance that it is Thy cause, that
we are Thy children, that Thou holdest our destiny in Thy hand. And if it
is Thy will that we should lay down our lives–Thy will be done! Help us
then that our last day on this earth may be the first in Thy paradise.
Bless our loved ones at home, and comfort them with the hopeful
assurances of Thy word. May they and all of us rightfully know and
appreciate, whether we live, we live unto the Lord. And whether we die,
we die unto the Lord. Therefore whether we live or die we are the Lord’s.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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