man holding his hands on open book

Prayer on the Eve of a Journey.

Almighty and Gracious God and Father, Thou protector of all that trust in
Thee from their hearts! In Thy name will I proceed and undertake this
journey. For Thou art my God and preservest my going out and my coming
in. Thou leadest my feet in right paths and wilt not suffer them to be
moved. I heartily beseech Thee to be my gracious guide and companion on
this present journey. Send Thy holy angels, and command them, in all my
wanderings, to keep me from all evil in body and soul. Lead me on the
paths of the righteous and bring me safely to my destination, that I may
laud and magnify Thee, here in time and in eternity forever. And now, O
Lord God and Father, into Thy hands do I commit my body and soul and all
that I possess. Thy holy angel be my safe guard. Amen.

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