woman in black leather jacket wearing white framed eyeglasses covering her face

Prayer of the Bystanders for the Sick One.

Almighty, Merciful God, who keepest our life in death, we pray Thee, turn
the eyes of Thy mercy to this sick person, strengthen him in body and
soul, and forgive him all his sins through Thy grace. Take the sacrifice
of the innocent death of Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, as a propitiation
for his transgressions, since he, too, is baptized in His name, washed
and cleansed with His blood. Save him from the pains and agonies of his
body. Shorten his sufferings. Keep him from the accusations of his
conscience and all temptations of the enemy, so that in faith he may
truly battle and conquer. Grant him a blessed translation to the eternal
life. Send Thy holy angels, that they accompany him to the blessed
company of all the elect in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

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