woman wearing red sweatshirt looking at top between trees near grass during daytime

Prayer of Children for Their Father Engaged on a Journey.

O Eternal Son of God, Thou Savior of all who call upon Thee in faith! We
Thy children, baptized into Thy blood, consecrated by Thy Spirit a royal
priesthood, and ordained Thy brethren and co-heirs with Thee in grace,
call upon Thee with innocent tongues, and earnestly pray Thee, graciously
to safeguard our dear father now journeying over land for the sake of his
calling and to gain the means of livelihood. Help him to discharge his
duties with favor and despatch, and return him to us in health and joy,
as Thou through Thy angels didst preserve and guide Thy servant Jacob on
his journeys, for Thou art the faithful guide and companion of all who
fear Thee and trust in Thy mercy. Amen.

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