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Prayer of a Youth or a Maiden.

Lord, Almighty and Holy God, who lovest a pure heart, a chaste mind, and
a holy life: I pray Thee, create in me also a clean heart, and renew a
right spirit within me, so that I may serve Thee with sincere faith and
true fear, and love Thee with all my strength. And keep me from all
impure communications. Subdue the evil lusts in my heart, and extinguish
the fires of fleshly desire. Preserve me from unchaste and dissolute
associations, from rioting and drunkenness, which lead to excess. May all
filthiness, and foolish talking, unbecoming a Christian, be ever foreign
to my life. Keep me from arrogant pomp, or idleness and lounging, from
the snares and nets of the devil. Grant, that I may serve Thee with a
pure soul and an undefiled body in true faith, as did pious and chaste
Joseph in Egypt, and graciously take me into Thy safekeeping against all
temptations and seductions of life, for the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy
dear Son. Amen.

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