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Prayer of a Servant.

Merciful God, Who through the precious suffering and death of Thy dear
Son, Jesus Christ, hast redeemed and made me free from eternal servitude,
from the power of sin, from the dominion of darkness, from the cruel
tyranny of the devil, and the mastery of death and hell: I beseech Thee,
grant me grace, so that in my present station and calling, in which Thou
hast placed me on earth according to Thy good pleasure, I may not be
dissatisfied, nor murmur impatiently against Thy ordinance, nor yet envy
others in their more exalted stations, but help me to do such Thy will
from the heart, with good will, ever thinking that I serve Thee, O God in
Heaven, and not men. Help Thou, dear Father, that I serve Thee, the
supreme Lord of heaven and earth, in true knowledge and upright fear,
love Thee above all things, put all my hope and salvation in Thee, and
continue in Thy commandments without blame. May I also be subject to my
masters and mistresses according to the flesh, not only to the good and
gentle, but also to the froward, and patiently obey them in everything
that is not contrary to Thy pleasure, with fear and singleness of heart,
as unto Christ my Lord, not with eye-service, as man pleaser, but from
the depths of my heart and for the sake of Thy will and commandment.
Grant me grace that I may be found faithful in all things committed and
entrusted to my care, not neglect nor bring them to naught, suffer no
harm to come through carelessness on my part; also that I may not covet
nor fraudulently appropriate to my own use the possessions of another
entrusted to my care. Preserve my health, strengthen my limbs and all the
powers of my body. Endow me with wisdom and understanding, that I may
perform the labor of my masters and mistresses, with Thy help improve
their living. May they be blessed through my industry; and all that I do
and perform, may it redound to Thy divine glory and a blessed exercise of
my faith. For Christ, Thy dear Son’s sake, who liveth and reigneth with
Thee and the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

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