human hand

Prayer of a Patient.

Lord God, Heavenly Father! Thou art a faithful God, and wilt not suffer
any one to be tempted beyond what he is able, but rather with the
temptation wilt also make a way to escape, that he may be able to bear
it. I supplicate Thee in my great suffering and pain, so shape the cross,
that it may not lay too heavily upon me, and strengthen me that I may
bear it with patience, and nevermore despair of Thy mercy. O Christ, Thou
Son of the living God! Thou hast endured the agony of the cross for me,
and hast died for my sins, I beseech Thee with my whole heart, have mercy
upon me a poor sinner, and forgive me my transgressions, wherever I have
sinned against Thee. Let my faith in no wise diminish. O God Holy Ghost!
Thou true comforter in all times of need. Keep me ever in the spirit of
patience and supplication. Sanctify me in my reliance upon Thee. Turn not
from me in the hour of my death, and lead me from this vale of sorrow to
Thyself in heaven. Amen.

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