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Prayer of a Housefather.

Gracious and Eternal God! Who Thyself in Paradise hast ordained holy
matrimony, vouchsafe unto me Thy grace and help in my married life, that
I may ever maintain the true Christian love and fidelity toward my
spouse. Grant, that I may dwell with her, as with the weaker vessel, in
kindness and harmony according to knowledge, giving honor unto her, as
being heirs together of the grace of life, and guide her together with my
children and servants to the true knowledge of Thy divine glory, and to
modesty and honesty. Grant to them also, O Lord, that they follow Thee,
and suffer themselves to be guided. Preserve us, O Thou God of Peace,
from strife and dissensions, and the calumnies of the enemy, from undue
suspicion, which the devil sows as a seed of perdition, and for the
destruction of conjugal love and faith. Grant, that as Thy children we
may suffer and forgive each other in love and charity. Give us faithful
servants and keep them in good health. Bless our labor and all that
contributes to the wants of the body. Enable us to bear our cross with
patience, and grant that we be together again in the after-life. Amen.

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