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Prayer of a Child.

Almighty and Eternal God! Thou hast commanded me to honor my parents, and
in all things, which are not contrary to Thy word, to obey them. I
beseech Thee, for the sake of the obedience of Thy dear Son, Jesus
Christ, my Lord, grant unto me, that I may duly honor my father and
mother, serve them, obey, love, and esteem them, so that their blessing
may dwell with me to the end of my days. Keep me from sin and evil
communications, that I may not anger or grieve my dear parents with
hatred, sadness, scornfulness, disobedience, or obstinacy, and thus bring
upon myself on this earth already their and Thy curse, and in the
after-life Thy eternal wrath. And since I have sinned many times through
weakness, I beseech Thee, work in me sorrow and true repentance, through
Jesus Christ, my Savior, who gave to me the example of true obedience.
Grant, that according to His example I may ever grow, and increase in
wisdom, stature, and grace before Thee, O God, and all men. Amen.

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