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Prayer in the Hour of Death.

Almighty, Everlasting, and Most Merciful Lord and God! Thou art the
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I know that Thou art willing and
able to fulfill whatsoever Thou hast said. Thou canst not lie. Thy word
is truth. Thou hast from the beginning promised me Thy dear Son Jesus
Christ. And He is come, and has redeemed me from the devil, death, hell,
and sin. And in Thy gracious providence Thou hast for a greater surety
established the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion in which
His true natural body and blood are given me in, with, and under the
bread and wine, thus offering and assuring me of the forgiveness of sins,
eternal life, and every heavenly gift. And because of this Thy assurance
I have made use of these means of grace, and firmly relying upon Thy word
have received them. And now I do not doubt but that I am secure from the
power of the devil, death, hell, and sin. And if now my hour hath come,
and this is Thy divine will, I will gladly and willingly depart hence and
be with Thee in peace. Amen.

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