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Prayer for Wednesday Morning.

Almighty, All-gracious God! All Thy creatures should praise and glorify
Thee. The birds under the heavens magnify Thee with lovely songs early in
the morning as their Lord and Maker. So will I too heartily thank Thee,
that Thou hast preserved me under Thy shelter and protection during the
night now past, and all my life even to the present hour, and awakening
me from the sleep of the darkness of this night, hast suffered me to
arise again in health and joy. I pray Thee for the sake of the saving
resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, that Thou wouldst ever keep
me together with all my loved ones from all danger and evil. O Lord, save
Thy people, and bless Thine inheritance: feed them also, and lift them up
for ever. Fill me also at this early hour with Thy grace, that I may pass
this day rejoicing in Thy commandments, and free from mortal sin. Let me
experience Thy grace as a dew from the womb of the morning, and as the
refreshing moisture that diffuses at the break of day, making the land
fruitful. Thou wouldest spread Thy goodness over me, that I may gladly
and zealously do Thy will. Govern me with Thy Holy Spirit that I may
serve Thee in righteousness and holiness of truth, well pleasing in Thy
sight. Guard me that I sin not against Thee, nor defile my conscience
with carnal lusts that militate against the soul. Keep my tongue from
evil, and my lips from speaking guile. Foolish talking or jesting,
unbecoming of Christians, be ever far removed from me. Grant, that I
offend none with my lips, nor backbite, judge nor condemn, defame nor
vilify. O that I might put a lock to my lips and seal them with a strong
seal, that they bring me not to naught, nor my tongue destroy me. Give me
grace that I may know my shortcomings and correct them, and not fall into
Thy righteous judgment and condemnation. Grant my prayer, O Eternal God,
for the sake of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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