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Prayer for Thursday Morning.

Jesus Christ, Thou art the eternal light, which dispelleth the darkness
of night and the shadow of death: I magnify Thy name, I glorify and thank
Thee. For Thou hast so graciously kept me during this night, and hast
brought me out of the darkness to the light of day. Thou hast shielded me
against the terrors of the night, the snares of the devil, the noisome
pestilence, that walketh in the darkness, manifold illness and disease.
Thou hast guarded and watched over my soul, even as the shepherd watches
over his flock. And all that I possess is kept from harm through Thy
great mercy. Praise and thanks be said unto Thee for Thy gracious
protection and all Thy gifts. I will speak of Thy power and magnify Thy
goodness, when the day breaks. For Thou art my refuge, my strong tower,
my present help, my faithful God, in whom I trust. Thou makest glad my
heart and my countenance rejoiceth. I pray Thee, for the sake of Thy holy
birth and incarnation, suffer Thy grace to rise in my heart and break
forth even as the beauty of the morning, and come over me as the early
rain. Illumine me with Thy radiance, and be Thou the light of my heart,
for Thou art the right day star and the true light, that lighteth men to
the eternal life. Be merciful unto me, O Lord, for in Thee do I put my
trust. My soul waiteth for Thee, more than they that watch for the
morning, yea more than they that watch for the morning. Be Thou mine arm
in the morning, my salvation also in the time of trouble. Protect me in
body and soul, that no evil befall me and no plague come nigh unto my
dwelling. Keep from me all wicked spirits. Defend me from evildoers.
Stand up for me against the workers of iniquity and shield me, that the
hands of mine adversaries may not touch me. O Lord, our God, establish
Thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish
Thou it, and strengthen our hands, and teach us that we may keep Thy
commandments and sin not against Thee this day. Grant us this for the
sake of Thy mercy, which endureth for ever and ever. Amen.

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