woman praying while leaning against brick wall

Prayer for the Wounded.

Lord God, our Heavenly Father! We implore Thy eternal compassion for all
who are this day wounded, suffering, or dying. Be Thou nigh unto them in
their affliction. Comfort them with Thy grace and with the hopeful
assurance, that, though kindred and friends be far away, Thou art ever
present and hearest even the faintest sight of all who seek Thy succor.
If it be Thy pleasure, restore to them their former health and vigor.
Help them to bear their pains without murmuring against Thy grace. Give
them patience and strength and faith in Thee. May they rest assured, that
Thou wilt never leave nor forsake them. Deliver them from the assaults of
the enemies of their souls. O God and Father in heaven, bless them and
all of us, and may we ever seek those things that are acceptable to Thy
sight. Forgive us our sins, not because of any merit or worthiness in us,
but solely because Thou art merciful for Christ’s sake. And to Thee, the
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, be glory and honor forever. Amen.

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