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Prayer for the Kingdom of God.

(Meeting of the Congregation)

Gracious and Blessed God, who hast taught, and commanded us above all
things and first to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness: I pray
Thee, grant us grace, that Thy holy word may be preached in all the world
in all its truth and purity, and we submit our reason to the obedience of
faith, and live holy lives according to it as behooves the children of
God to Thy pleasing, so that Thy kingdom may come to us, and increase,
and many of them, who do not yet believe in the word, be won through a
Christian conduct. Help us, dear God, who are delivered from the power of
darkness and are translated into the kingdom of Thy dear Son Jesus
Christ, in whom we have redemption through His blood, even the
forgiveness of sin, that we may remain in His kingdom, faithfully
continue in the wholesome doctrine, and live worthily as children of
light in all piety and godliness. And since the kingdom of God cometh not
with outward shew, neither consists of mere words, but is power and
spirit: grant us grace, that we may be born again from above through Thy
saving word and Thy Holy Spirit, co-heirs of life, so that with our
hearts we may dwell above where Christ sitteth, and constantly seek the
inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, that fadeth not away. Enable us
to be poor in the spirit and humble, and such who sorrow over their sins.
Let us be anhungered and athirst, and heartily yearn after righteousness.
May we ever be meek, and suffer and overcome whatsoever of persecution
and tribulation may assail us, and revilings and undeserved malignings
with patience and longsuffering. Keep us from all offenses, whereby Thy
holy name is blasphemed and outraged, Thy kingdom hindered and weakened.
Grant us grace to practice our faith in works of love and mercy, feeding,
clothing, harboring, visiting, comforting the poor and distressed of this
world, so that when that great day dawns we may hear the blessed and
joyous voice of Thy dear Son: Come ye blessed of My Father, inherit the
kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Amen.

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