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Prayer for Temporal Peace.

Eternal God, Everlasting Father! Thou art a God and lover of peace. From
Thee all true unity cometh. We pray Thee graciously to protect Thy
Christendom on earth against all its enemies, so that we may be kept in
peace, and ever serve Thee gladly in faithful doctrine and a pure
conduct. Grant us grace, so that all estates and rulers of Christendom
may live peacefully and harmoniously in perfect piety and godliness, so
that discipline and order prevail, churches and schools be not destroyed,
and the country be not devastated nor grievously oppressed. Grant us
grace, so that men will content themselves with what they have, and will
not for the sake of avarice or lusting after foreign lands and peoples,
nor yet because of pride, vain ambitions, and arrogance, enmity, hatred,
envy, nor any other cause, incite war, sedition, or revolution in this
our country. Hinder all evil counsel and purpose of unstable men, who
think only of that which is not good. Put them to naught in their
purposes, so that they must retreat and are utterly consumed with
terrors. Stretch forth Thine arm to protect us who are named after Thee,
so that Thy heritage be not destroyed. Support Thy faithful who rely upon
Thee and call upon Thy name. Hear us in our distress, and Thy holy name
protect us. Send us help from Thy sanctuary, and strengthen us from on
high. Bless the country and the cities in which Thy holy word dwelleth.
Prosperity must dwell within their palaces! O merciful God, incline the
hearts of all men to a Christian peace and concord, to the which Thou
hast called us through Thy word and gospel. And if bitterness prevail
among some, help that it be done away with, to the glory of Thy holy
name, the spreading of Thy word, and the betterment of Christendom, and
that the poor and distressed in the land may rejoice in Thee and praise
Thy holy name, for Thou only performest wonders and provest Thy powers
among the nations. Amen.

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