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Prayer for Saturday Evening.

Praise be unto Thee, Thou great and unchangeable God! Praise be unto Thy
goodness and mercy! Praise be unto Thy eternal wisdom and truth, that
Thou hast preserved me during the day now past from all danger and harm.
I pray Thee, graciously perfect Thy goodness which Thou hast begun in me,
and suffer me to rest this night under Thy protecting shield, and cover
me with Thy wings. Suffer me to put my trust under the shadow of Thy
hands, that I fear no evil. Keep me, O God, as the apple of the eye. Hide
me under the shadow of Thy wings. Lord, Thou art the portion of mine
inheritance; my salvation is in Thy hands. Grant unto me, according to
Thy goodness, that neither fear nor trembling come over me, and no
terrors of the night overwhelm me. Be merciful unto me, for in Thee do I
put my trust, and under the shadow of Thy wings do I find my refuge. I
seek the Lord in the time of need; my hand is outstretched in the night
without ceasing; for my soul has none other comfort; and I know of none
other helper in heaven or earth but Thee alone. At midnight when I
awaken, I meditate upon Thy name, so altogether lovely, upon Thy goodness
and fidelity, vouchsafed unto me, and I praise Thee because of Thy
righteous judgments. When I am troubled I remember God, when my spirit is
overwhelmed I speak of my Savior. For He redeemeth my life from
destruction and saveth me from the snares of death. Lord God, my Savior,
by day and by night do I cry unto Thee, pardon all my transgressions,
which during this day and the week now past I have committed against
Thee. O Lord, deliver my soul for Thy mercy’s sake. Thou art gracious and
just, and our God is merciful. The Lord preserveth the simple. I was
brought low, and He helped me. Therefore will I rejoice and praise Thee,
and sing aloud upon my bed. For the days of my life will appear as
noonday, and darkness as the morning’s light, and I will rejoice that
Thou, O God, art my hope and my rest in life and death. I lay me down,
and none will terrify me. Thus do I commend my body and soul into Thy
hands, Thou Faithful God. Thou hast redeemed me through Jesus Christ, our
Lord. Amen.

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