clouds during golden hour

Prayer for Missions.

I pray Thee, my heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, our
Lord, have mercy upon the unbelievers, whoever and wherever they are, who
still walk in darkness, and do not yet possess the light of Thy gospel.
They are stricken with blindness by the evil one. Their foolish heart is
darkened. They are alienated from the life that is of Thee, through their
native ignorance, carried away to the dumb idols, even as they are led,
and in their blindness curse and blaspheme Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ,
the mercy seat. For that reason, O faithful God, take away the veil,
which is upon the heart of the Jews, who stumble at the stone of
stumbling and the rock of offense. Illumine their eyes that they may know
the true Messiah, the Savior of the world. Gather the heathen and all
unbelievers, who look upon Thy word as foolishness, into the true fold
and the true assembly of Christians, the congregation of saints, so that
with us and all the faithful they may honor, glorify, and worship Thee,
the Father in the Son, and the Son with the Father and the Holy Ghost,
ever one God and Lord. Open the understanding of all men, who do not put
their salvation and their confidence solely and alone on the true
fundament and cornerstone, even Jesus Christ, so that they know Him, whom
Thou hast sent, and in the true faith and a sincere trust of their hearts
may acknowledge and accept Him as their Savior and Redeemer, who through
His obedience and fulfillment of the law, and through His bitter death,
hath merited an eternal salvation. We pray Thee also, to return to the
truth of Thy word all of them who have defected from the Christian faith,
or err in sundry other things and are cumbered with false doctrines. Thou
God of grace, have mercy upon those, who are not of the true faith, who
dwell in the shadow of death, and in the darkness of their minds walk on
uneven paths. Seek the lost, lead aright the erring, illumine the blinded
and infatuated, open the ears of the deaf, unloose the tongues of the
dumb, who do not confess Thee, raise the fallen, bring back the corrupt,
assemble the dispersed, lead aright the erring and seduced, for Thy
mercy’s sake. Amen.

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