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Prayer for Faithful Teachers and Preachers.

The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye,
therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into
His harvest.

Merciful God, who hast commanded us through Thy only begotten Son to pray
Thee for laborers in Thy harvest: I earnestly beseech Thee, grant us, Thy
sheep, pastors according to Thy heart, to feed us with doctrine and
wisdom. Put learned bishops, Christian pastors, pious teachers over Thy
congregation, faithfully to show the true way to eternal life. Fill them
plenteously with Thy Holy Spirit, so that they may fruitfully proclaim
the holy and precious word of the gospel, and sincerely perfect Thy work.
Grant them a courageous heart, that without fear or favor they may lift
up their voices and put the adversaries to silence. Open the door for
their word, that they may be blessed and go from strength to strength.
May they also be shining examples for the flocks entrusted to their care.
Grant me and all listeners a grateful heart, that we may communicate in
all good things unto them that teach us the word, rejoice in them,
forsake them not, so that we may be blessed of Thee according to Thy
promise in all the works of our hands. Preserve us from hirelings,
time-servers, unfaithful laborers, and hypocrites, who falsely deceive
the hearts of the righteous, whom Thou hast never grieved, and fortify
the hands of the wicked, that they will not turn from their evil ways.
Let us never be robbed of our faithful preachers for the sake of our
ingratitude, but rather look upon the glory of Thy holy name, yea, behold
the Kingdom of Thine Anointed, that it may prevail among us to the end of
the world. Amen.

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