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Prayer for a Pious Life.

O my dear Lord Jesus, illumine me today and evermore, that I may shape
the course of my Christian life and direct it toward the eternal
Jerusalem, my eternal home. And as Thou yearnest for me, may I also have
all my delight and thirst in Thee, seek Thee early, yearn for Thee, and
make of Thee, the bread of life, the companion of all my ways. Keep me, O
unchangeable, everlasting God, from the inconstancy of the children of
this world, that I may not fall into hypocrisy as they do, but today and
always, in all my calling, prove myself constant in godliness, so that my
life may decrease in vice and increase in virtue. May I always faithfully
serve Thee, my Lord, disdain the worldly, be exalted in Thee, experience
Thy grace and protection, and eternally thank Thee, for Christ’s sake.

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