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Prayer During War.

O Lord God, who art righteous in Thy judgment, and plenteous in mercy,
whose faithfulness endureth from generation to generation, who rulest
even above the din of war: may all nations learn to know that Thou alone
art God, that Jesus Christ is Thy Son, and that all who truly confess Thy
name are the people of Thy pasture and the sheep of Thy hand. Thou hast
permitted the nations to rise up in war against each other and our own
beloved country to become engulfed in its throes. O Lord God, our Father,
we know that war is a punishment for sin and that we, too, have justly
merited Thy punishment through our sins. Therefore we humbly confess our
sins, and supplicate Thy pity and compassion, lay not our iniquities
against us, but graciously forgive us our sins and shortcomings for the
sake of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Thy fatherly goodness and care we
commend our people, and especially our soldiers and sailors now in the
service of their country. They are absent from their loved ones, beset by
dangers on all sides. Be Thou ever near. Keep them from all evil. O Thou,
without whose consent not even a sparrow falleth to the ground and who
hast numbered the very hairs of our heads, take them under the shadow of
Thy wings. Give them courage and obedience, fortitude and valor in the
hour of danger, and compassion and mercy in the flush of victory. Prosper
their arms to the establishment of justice, peace, and truth among all
peoples. Lead them safely back to their homes and their loved ones,
better citizens, better Christians than before. And to Thy holy name be
glory, laud, and honor, world without end. Amen.

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