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Prayer During a Journey.

Almighty and Most Merciful God! We are always in Thy sight wherever we
be. Thou preservest our coming in and our going out, and leadest us on
the right paths that we slip not. I pray Thee, that as Thou didst lead
Thy servant Abraham from the land of the Chaldees and kept him unharmed
in his pilgrimage, and didst say to his grandson Jacob when he journeyed
to Mesopotamia, I am with thee, and will bring thee again into this land;
and as Thou also didst lead the Children of Israel through the Red Sea
and through the desert, and didst go before them, by day in a pillar of a
cloud and night in a pillar of fire: thus wouldst Thou also be with me on
my wandering, protect me on land and sea, by day and by night, and keep
me from all harm and danger. And when my business is completed bring me
home again in full health of body and soul. And as Thou didst accompany
youthful Tobias through Thy angel Raphael, likewise do Thou accompany me
in all my ways, so that when I, too, have happily returned to my home, I
with all mine own may have the greater reason to laud and praise Thee as
my true and faithful guide. Meanwhile I commend to Thy care all that I
leave at home, and beseech Thee to have charge concerning them, and
suffer me to find them unharmed when I return. Amen.

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