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Prayer Before Holy Communion.

Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Son of God, I am not worthy to open my lips
and receive the most precious sacrament of Thy body and blood. For I am a
sin-stained man, but Thou art the Lord whom the heavens can not
encompass. How then can a human being who is but dust and ashes be worthy
to receive Thy most holy body and precious blood! I well know and
acknowledge that my sins are many and that for that reason I am an
unworthy guest at Thy table. But I also sincerely believe and confess it
with my lips that by Thy grace Thou canst render me worthy. For Thou art
omnipotent and gracious. Thou only canst cleanse and make holy whatever
took rise in unclean seed. Thou canst transform sinners into true and
holy men, when by Thy grace Thou forgivest sin and renewest us with Thy
Holy Spirit. Therefore I pray Thee, by Thy power and love grant me grace,
that I may worthily approach Thy altar, and not become guilty of Thy body
and blood by unworthy eating and drinking, so that I may not receive
death in place of life. Grant me grace, that I may know and test myself
as a poor sinner, my heart filled with sorrow over mine iniquity, and may
properly discern Thy tender and noble body, and Thy holy, precious blood.
May my reason, senses, and intellect be ever submissive to Thy word, and
may I be earnestly resolved to better and improve my life with Thy help,
so that in this precious sacrament, I may not only with my mouth receive
Thy body and blood, but also in true faith accept Thee, my Savior and
Redeemer, enthrone Thee in my heart, and find in Thee my life and
blessedness. For Thou art the living bread which cometh down from heaven
and bringeth life to men. Whoever cometh to Thee shall nevermore hunger,
and he that believeth on Thee shall nevermore thirst. Whoever eateth Thy
flesh and drinketh Thy blood dwelleth in Thee and Thou in him, and shall
never die. O beloved Lord, my spirit and my mind yearn for Thee. As the
hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O
God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and
appear before God? Fill me with Thy grace. Amen.

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