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Prayer Before Confession.

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou my Redeemer, Thou hast given unto Thy dear Church
on earth and its faithful servants the sacred office of the keys, and
invested it with the promise, that whatsoever by virtue of the same they
shall loose or bind on earth shall also be loosed or bound in heaven: I
thank Thee, and eternally praise and glorify Thee, for such Thy gracious
gift. And, since I a poor and bound sinner need this blessed key which
looseth, so that I may not be kept under the bonds of the infernal
jailer, I beseech Thine infinite mercy, that I may receive its comfort
through my spiritual father, my pastor, and for the sake of Thy holy,
precious blood and Thy innocent offering and death be loosed from all my
sins. Grant me Thy Holy Spirit, so that I may grasp this holy absolution
in heartfelt contrition and undoubting trust, firm resolve, brotherly
love and gratitude, and inherit the eternal life. Amen.

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