man praying

Prayer After the Holy Supper.

Lord Jesus Christ, with all my heart I thank and glorify Thee, that Thou
hast again cleansed me, a poor sinner, from all my sin, and as an earnest
of such cleansing and forgiveness of my sin, hast nourished me with Thy
body and blood, and like an unclean child, after such purification, hast
received me into the fatherly arms of Thy grace and mercy, and put me
pure, reproachless, and without blemish before Thy Father.

I earnestly pray Thee with all my power, in addition to such blessing,
grant me Thy grace through the workings of Thy Holy Ghost, so that I may
sufficiently understand such blessing and grace, gratefully accept it,
and glorify and praise Thee with all my heart. Grant me strength from
above by Thy Holy Spirit, that I may heartily forgive my neighbor
wherever he hath sinned against me, even as Thou hast fully and richly
forgiven me my great and manifold transgressions, yes, entirely blotted
them out and wilt never remember them. Help me to love my neighbor and
gladly show him every good, as Thou hast done unto me, and hast shown me
more than I can ever sufficiently thank Thee for. Praise and glory be to
Thee, O faithful God, together with the Father and the Holy Ghost, world
without end. Amen.

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