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Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit.

Dayspring of Eternity,
Light from endless Light proceeding,
Let Thy beams upon us shine
As the shadows are receding;
And dispel by Thy great might
Our dark night.

As the soft refreshing dew
Falls upon the drooping flower,
So our fainting hearts renew
By Thy Spirit’s quickening power;
Ne’er Thy bounteous grace withhold
From Thy fold.

Let the glow of Thy pure love
All our icy coldness banish;
In the radiance from above
May our doubts and fears all vanish,
That ere dying we may be
Found in Thee.

O Thou glorious Sun of grace,
May Thy light be ne’er denied us!
Till we reach the heavenly place
Shine upon our way to guide us,
That at last among the blest
We may rest.

Christian Knorr v. Rosenroth, 1684.
Tr. J. F. Ohl, 1915.

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