woman praying

Hirte deiner Schafe.

Shepherd never sleeping,
In Thy gracious keeping
I have been today.
Thou art my Defender,
So in mercy tender
Come and with me stay;
All this night
Keep me in sight,
Send Thine angels to attend me
And protection lend me.

While I lie and slumber,
Let Thine hosts outnumber
All my raging foes.
Be of grace the Giver,
And Thy child deliver
From guilt’s painful throes.
For Thy Son
My soul hath won;
By His wounds, so sorely stricken,
He my heart doth quicken.

Shield Thou from all danger
Ev’ry lonely stranger
And my dear ones, too.
Tenderly embrace us
And with mercy grace us,
Be our Father true.
Thou with me
And I with Thee,
Thus shall I, mine eyelids closing,
Be in peace reposing.

Close the door behind us,
Let no evil find us,
Keep all ills away.
Be our shield and cover,
Let Thine angels hover
O’er us now, we pray.
By sweet rest
Let us be blest,
Ev’ry fear of Satan’s raging
In our hearts assuaging.

What if death should take me
And no light awake me
From my sleep and rest?
If Thou hast intended
That my life be ended,
Let Thy name be blest;
As for me,
I yield to Thee.
In the wounds of Jesus lying,
I am daily dying.

By no cares encumbered,
Though my hours be numbered,
I now fall asleep.
All to Thee commending
Who Thine hosts are sending
Watch o’er me to keep.
Through the night
Be my delight,
And if I should see the morrow,
Thou wilt cure all sorrow.

Benjamin Schmolcke, 1715.
Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

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