woman praying while leaning against brick wall

Good Friday

Today, O good Jesus, for us Thou didst not hide Thy face from shame and
spitting. Today, Jesus our Redeemer, for us Thou wast mocked, buffeted
by unbelievers, and crowned with thorns. Today, O good Shepherd, Thou
didst lay down Thy life on the Cross for the sheep, and wast crucified
with robbers, and hadst Thy sacred hands nailed through. Today Thou wast
laid in the guarded sepulchre, and the saints burst open their tombs.
Today, O good Jesus, put an end to our sins, that on the day of Thy
resurrection we may joyfully receive Thy holy body, and be refreshed
with Thy sacred blood. Amen.

“Mozarabic Sacramentary

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