clouds during golden hour

For Spiritual Illumination

Hear us, O never-failing Light, Lord our God, our only light, the
fountain of light, the light of Thine angels, thrones, dominions,
principalities, powers, and of all intelligent beings; who hast created
the light of Thy saints. May our souls be lamps of Thine, kindled and
illuminated by Thee. May they shine and burn with the truth, and never
go out in darkness and ashes. May we be Thy house, shining from Thee,
shining in Thee; may we shine and fail not; may we ever worship Thee; in
Thee may we be kindled, and not be extinguished. Being filled with the
splendor of Thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ, may we shine forth inwardly;
may the gloom of sins be cleared away, and the light of perpetual faith
abide with us. Amen.

“Mozarabic Sacramentary

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