green ceramic mug beside book

For Consolation

O Thou most sweet and loving Lord, Thou knowest mine infirmities, and
the necessities which I endure; in how great evils and sins I am
involved; how often I am weighed down, tempted, and disturbed by them. I
entreat of Thee consolation and support. I speak to Thee who knowest all
things, to whom all my inward thoughts are open, and who alone canst
perfectly comfort and help me. Thou knowest what things I stand in most
need of. Behold, I stand before Thee poor and naked, calling for grace,
and imploring mercy. Refresh Thy hungry supplicant, kindle my coldness
with the fire of Thy love, enlighten my blindness with the brightness of
Thy presence. Suffer me not to go away from Thee hungry and dry, but
deal mercifully with me, as often times Thou hast dealt wonderfully with
Thy saints. Amen.

“Thomas à Kempis

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