man raising arms between greenfield

For Christian Graces

Give me, O Lord, purity of lips, a clean and innocent heart, and
rectitude of action. Give me humility, patience, abstinence, chastity,
prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance. Give me the spirit of wisdom
and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of
knowledge and godliness, and of Thy fear. Make me ever to seek Thy face
with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind; grant me to have a contrite
and humbled heart in Thy presence”to prefer nothing to Thy love. Most
high, eternal, and ineffable Wisdom, drive away from me the darkness of
blindness and ignorance; most high and eternal Strength, deliver me;
most high and eternal Fortitude, assist me; most high and
incomprehensible Light, illuminate me; most high and infinite Mercy,
have mercy on me. Amen.

“A Gallican Sacramentary

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