men touching each other's foreheads

For Blessedness

O God, Thou art life, wisdom, truth, bounty, and blessedness, the
Eternal, the only true Good! My God and my Lord, Thou art my hope and my
heart’s joy. I confess, with thanksgiving, that Thou hast made me in
Thine image, that I may direct all my thoughts to Thee, and love Thee.
Lord, make me to know Thee aright, that I may more and more love, and
enjoy, and possess Thee. And since, in the life here below, I cannot
fully attain this blessedness, let it at least grow in me day by day,
until it all be fulfilled at last in the life to come. Here be the
knowledge of Thee increased, and there let it be perfected. Here let my
love to Thee grow, and there let it ripen; that my joy being here great
in hope, may there in fruition be made perfect. Amen.


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