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Die gueldne Sonne.

The sun, ascending,
To us is lending
Bliss, joy, and gladness,
Cure for all sadness,
Filling the world with its rich, golden light.
I was reclining
When no light was shining;
But the sun’s beauty
Now calls me to duty,
As I behold it so fair and so bright.

Mine eye beholdeth
What God unfoldeth:
Heaven’s bright glory
Tells me the story
Of His unlimited power and love,
And how the sainted
In beauty untainted,
Free from things mortal,
Beyond death’s dark portal,
Dwell in the heavenly mansions above.

To God in heaven
Be praises given;
Come, let us offer
And gladly proffer
To the Creator the gifts that we prize.
He well receiveth
A heart that believeth,
Hymns that adore Him
Are precious before Him
And to His throne like sweet incense arise.

At the day’s ending
Sweet slumbers sending,
And in the morning
All things adorning,
These are His works and His blessings so true.
When night descendeth
Protection He lendeth
When morn appeareth
Our spirits He cheereth,
Causing His mercy to crown us anew.

Father above me,
Thou who dost love me,
Bless my beginning,
Keep me from sinning,
Move ev’ry hindrance well out of my way.
Strength ever lend me,
From Satan defend me,
Spare me temptation,
So that in my station
I may Thy holy commandments obey.

Let me with pleasure
See the full measure
Which upon others,
Who are my brothers,
Thou of Thy blessings dost richly bestow.
Bid envy vanish!
All greediness banish!
Make me Thy dwelling,
Sin’s darkness dispelling.
Grant that in virtue I daily may grow.

What is man’s being?
It is like seeing
Autumn’s bleak shadows
Sweep o’er the meadows
When the cold winds drive the clouds on their way.
All that we cherish
Must crumble and perish.
Plants must stop growing,
And stars must cease glowing;
Heaven and earth are not destined to stay.

All else decayeth,
God only stayeth,
He of creation
Is the foundation.
His will and word must forever abide.
His grace endureth
And for us secureth
Comfort in sorrow
And help for the morrow,
Keeping us cheerful, whate’er may betide.

God of creation,
Be my salvation!
Calm all my terrors,
Blot out my errors,
Grant that Thy pardon I fully may share;
Withal attend me,
Rule, guide, and defend me
In mercy tender,
Because I surrender
Soul, will, and all to Thy fatherly care.

Whilst Thou art giving
What for a living
Seems very needful,
Oh, make Thou me heedful
Of this great truth and commendable thought:
God, like a tower,
Transcends all in power;
Good beyond telling,
In beauty excelling,
He doth suffice me, all else counts for naught.

If grief and sadness
Temper my gladness
If for the morrow
Thou send me sorrow
Do as Thou wilt, for my trust is in Thee.
Thou surely knowest
That what Thou bestowest,
E’en though distressing,
Must bring me a blessing;
Thou wilt not deal too severely with me.

Ills that still grieve me
Soon are to leave me;
Though waves may tower
And winds gain power,
After the storm the fair sun shows its face.
Joys e’er increasing,
And peace never ceasing,
These I shall treasure
And share in full measure
When in His mansions God grants me a place.

Paul Gerhardt, 1666.
Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

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