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At the Beginning of the Week’s Work.

Rule Thou, O God the Father, who hast made us, and like all other
creatures ordained us not to indolence but to work, and bless each one in
his calling. Thou who rulest the universe also rule our own dear
government and graciously vouchsafe to it Thy wisdom and strength.

Rule Thou, O God the Son, who hast redeemed and ransomed us from sin.
Take from us the burden of sin committed during the week now past, and
graciously grant us Thy peace. Thou the Supreme Bishop and Archshepherd
of our souls, help all servants of Thy word in this and all Thy
congregations on earth to labor and bring forth much fruit unto eternal

Rule Thou, O God the Holy Ghost, who hast sanctified us and born us again
in Holy Baptism. Create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit
within us, that we carry no evils of the past into the new week, but put
away all purpose and inclination of the old Adam still in us. Govern Thou
our hearts with power; and if this week mark for any of us the end of
life, help Thou in the last bitter hour. Fill the heart with that grace
which is better than life. Teach the hands to battle and vanquish the
last enemy, and grant for Christ’s sake, the rest and triumph of the
sabbath everlasting.

Thou, the Triune and Immortal God, be and abide with us and Thy Church
forever. Unto Thee be glory, laud, and honor, world without end. Amen.

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